Mentor Studio ( 13 yrs +)

All artists aged 13 – 18 years old are welcome to come work directly with our art mentors to successfully achieve a personal portfolio. Whether for iGSCE, GCSE, IB, A-Level, AP Level, school or university application or just for fun, we offer instruction in a variety of techniques from photography, painting to ceramics and textiles, alongside in depth discussions about artistic concepts and histories.

Portfolio Building ( 13 yrs +)

Students who are transferring to a new school or getting ready to apply to art school will work together with our Mentors to fulfill their portfolio requirements (which vary by school and by major). Our Mentors have extensive knowledge in portfolio requirements for University and can coach prospective student to meet these requirements.

Get guidance in producing paintings, drawings and three-dimensional works and build an impressive collection of work from various media. Holidays are perfect time to brush up and catch up on compiling an art portfolio. Contact CMW for special sessions.

Architectural Studies (13 yrs +)

Studies in form, building, structure and light in Exterior and Interior Architecture.

Adult Mentorship

Adult creative workshops are provided to discover new skills or to purely relax and create in a non-intimidating and inspiring environment. Our morning workshops cover a wide variety of disciplines that are coached in house by our team of practicing artists.

Media, techniques, and styles include: Oil painting/Acrylic/ Watercolour (portrait, landscape, abstract), Ceramics (hand building and throwing), Observational drawing (ink, pen, pencil), Textiles/Felting, Printmaking (lino, woodcut), Digital Photography and Darkroom processing.

Whether you are an accomplished artist trying to expand your experiences, an aspiring artist looking for inspiration, or an undiscovered artist, you will profit from the wealth of methods and materials available in these workshops:

Painting Studio

For those who’d love to learn how to paint, but don’t know where to start.  You will be guided through different painting projects every 4 weeks, from portrait, landscape to still life with oil, acrylic, or water colour. Explore the infinite possibilities of paint in our light and spacious studio under professional guidance.

Creativity Studio

For those who have a clear vision of an art project but would like to explore and experiment with professional assistance.  We hope to inspire, stretch your artistic will, and expand your artistic experiences.  The challenge is to increase your knowledge of methods, materials, techniques, and possibilities and to dare you to reach beyond what is known and familiar to you.

Creativity Canapés

Many wild, wonderful workshops, endless inspiration to experiment with handmade paper, inking, painting, dripping, splashing, squirting, stamping, layering, stenciling, collaging, printing, computer images, tearing, cutting, weaving, attaching, assembling, writing and much more. Our one-off dégustation workshops are designed to ignite your artistic senses. Your commitment is one time only. Please call to discuss your interest.