Designed to find and nurture a range of performance skills, including vocal training, choreography, movement, characterization, comedy and more, our Centre Stage Production introduces young performers to the magic of the stage in a Spectacular Full-Length Musical Theatre Extravaganza in the Spring of each year.



Young Performers Group

This group offers the experience of being a part of the main stage show without the pressure that goes into it. Learn the basics of stage work while engaging in ensemble building activities, introduction to improvisation, music, choreography, as well as confidence boosting and creative play. The Young Performers will be featured in their own show where they will be tasked with learning dialogue and performing their own “mini” stage play intertwined with our main stage production.

Principal Supporting Cast

This group starts with more stagecraft work and ensemble building. We start learning character building techniques and vocal projection. Singing for the stage is also introduced and we work extensively on stage presence and confidence building.

Principal Cast

With this advanced group we start off with script analysis and character building and introduce advanced improvisation games as well as working “through the moment”. We also work on vocal projection and singing for the stage. We hone the skills that they have learned throughout the years as well as introducing more advanced techniques in stage presence, script work, and characterisation.We also include three in-class showcases, which are independent of the main show that focuses on monologue work, singing, and acting while singing. Complex improvisation techniques will be introduced to teach “on the spot thinking” and to keep the performers on their toes.